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         There are many excimer laser centers in Istanbul, more than 20. Most of these centers have only one laser platform and they use the same platform for all of their treatments. We have the chance to use any of them, by paying a rent for the usage, which gives us the flexibility to use the best laser promising the best result depending of the type of the eye.

         All patient examinations and follow-up checks are done by our surgeons personally to avoid any communication defects.

         All of our patients are treated as if they are V.I.P.s. They are picked up from the airport, taken to their hotel after a brief Istanbul tour, escorted by an attendant who speaks German or English. Waiting times are minimized for our patients. Hotel-clinic-hospital drives are given with our comfortable shuttle-car, escorted by our attendant. So you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd of Istanbul.

         We provide a 5 year warranty in a written and signed fashion for our patients in case a re-treatment is necessary.

         We have attendants answer your questions 7/24 reachable via the Internet or their cell phones, you can also talk to our surgeons directly in a couple of hours after placing your request.

         Rufus LASIK is a brand-new formation out of years of experience. As we are eager to grow our reputation fast we are keeping our prices at a very reasonable level.

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